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Buy Spectrum Instruments 'IVDT' In-Transit Data Logger System from VIBES Corp

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Recording and archiving vibration or shock data of sensitive products during transport or in temporary static stroage is imperative whether your are a supplier or a receiver, to protect your financial interests, and to help manage the quality of your products.  Whether you're transporting vibration-sensitive producs to market by air, truck, rail or ship container, or monitring building construction for compliance to local building codes, or endurance testing of critical products, placing a vibration/shock recording devices on all vibration critical loads is key to customer confidence and critical to a complete quality assurance program.

Spectrum Instruments Ltd is pleased to offer its new Model IVDT In-Transit Vibration Data Logger.


Spectrum IVDL In-Transit Vibration Data Logger


The IVDT Data Logger Kit includes the data logger, a logger mounting assembly (for mounting the logger magnetically, with adhesive or wth 3 screws),  and PC software for logger configuration and post logging analysis and reporting.

Spectrum IVDL Configuration Page

  • Sample rates can adjusted in seconds, minutes, hours or daily.
  • Over 85000 samples can be captured.
  • Measurement range: 0 -+/- 18g
  • Battery operated: provides power for up to 1000 hours
  • PC companion software is provided at n/c



Contact VIBES Corp to purchase the products on this page: email or phone 604-681-9444.

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