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Update International End of 2017 Course Offerings

Since 1966, Update International has been here helping our customers to grow and continually improve their World-Class Condition Monitoring Programs. Our In-Depth, Practical Training has been proven by 50 years of trial, improvement, and customer experience.

Below you will find a list of Update International's 2017 Winter Course Offerings. We also have a number of weeks available for Onsite or In-House Training. Our Onsite training can be tailored to fit the exact needs of your program. Contact or call us for more information on these courses.

Fall/Winter 2017 Courses

Special Course Offerings

  • CMVA ISO Cat. III; Edmonton, AB; Fri. Oct 20 - Tues. Oct 24th... Update will be working with the CMVA to provide this course leading up to their 2017 National Conference.
  • NEW Course! A Practical Understanding of Phase, Time Waveform, & Resonance; Denver, CO Sept 21-22nd & Edmonton, AB Oct 23-24th.
    The only prerequisite is Vibration Literacy. (More Info Below)

• Vibration 1 - Fundamentals
Denver, CO; Aug 28-31st, 2017
Detroit, MI; Nov 28- Dec 1st
Toronto, ON; Dec 11-14th

• Vibration 2 - Solutions
Baton Rouge, LA; Nov 13-17th

• Machinery Improvement Skills Enhancement Workshop: Precision Assembly & Install
Oklahoma City, OK; October 9-13th

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In October, Update International will be working with the Canadian Machinery Vibration Association at their 2017 National Vibration Conference. Update will be providing both a Cat. III ISO course (CMVA will be providing the exams and certification) and a NEW course highlighting the uses and relative importance of Phase, Resonance, & Time Waveform when combined with standard spectral data analysis.

We will be offering this course in Edmonton, AB at the conference Monday, October 23rd- Tuesday, October 24th. We will also be offering this course at a SPECIAL "First Course" rate in Denver, CO Thursday September 21- Friday, September 22nd. Call 1-800-530-4215 For More Info.

A Practical Understanding of Phase, Resonance, and Time Waveform

Intended For: Beginner to Advanced, Basic Vibration Literacy is all that is required


  • Obtaining Accurate & Useful Data
  • Insights that Phase Offers that Time & Frequency do NOT
  • Phase Logic For Vibration Root Cause Analysis

Time WaveForm

  • Understanding Common Signal Processing Issues to Ensure Quality Data
  • Unique Perspectives only seen in the Time Domain
  • Various Fault Determinations and application of various signal processing techniques


  • In-Depth Introduction to Resonance
  • Tests for determining Resonance using Vibration
  • Various Techniques for Mitigating Resonance

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