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Distributor BALMAC, INC. USA
Manufacturers of quality made, reliable and low cost field vibration instruments for
all industries and experience levels. Customized applications and Engineering Design. Factory two years warranty on all electronic components. Fast delivery and repair service time.Vibration Analysis, Measurement, Monitoring & Protection Instruments for
all Machinery and Portable Applications. Fans, Blowers, Pumps, Compressors,
Turbines, Motors & Engines.Hand held vibration measurement and bearing noise meters.Portable vibration data loggers and software programs.

Vibration Alarm and Shutdown Switches (standard & explosion Proof), Bearing Mounted Sensors and Control Room Monitors.


Balmac 230 Vibration Meter

Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration

Model 230 measuers and stores overall vibration amplitude.

Learn more about the Balmac 230 Vibration Meter

BALMAC 242 Pocket Vibration Meter

Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration.

Pocket size with battery and carrying case
Large LCD display and Pushbutton Operation.

Mils (pk-pk), in/sec, g's pk.
3 selectable ranges (200-20-2)
180 to 60,000 RPM

(The 242 meter is not available in Metric at this time)

Balmac Model 240 V-Alert Vibration Meter

Features Overview:

  • Measures Velocity ips RMS,
  • Simple Push-Button Operation,
  • 2 LED Visual Indicators of Machine Condition, Green - Good (vibration levels below 0.2 ips), Red - ALERT (vibration levels exceed 0.2 ips)
  • Accuracy 5%, Battery Operated,
  • Two-Year Warranty

See more, click here & Download the pdf file.

Balmac 200 Digital Vibration Meter

Displacement,Velocity, Acceleration General Headphones/Electronic Stethoscope Portable with Battery and Carrying Case Pushbutton Operation


Mils (pk-pk), In/sec (pk), g's (pk) (4) Selectable ranges (200, 20, 2, VLR) 180 to 120,000 RPM Metric Version is Model 200M

Balmac 205 Digital Vibration Meter

Displacement Velocity, Acceleration Small 100 mV/g Accelerometer Optional Headphones/Electronic Stethoscope Portable with Battery and Carrying Case Large LCD Display Pushbutton Operation

Mils (pk-pk), In/sec (pk), g's (pk) (4) Selectable Ranges (200, 20, 2, VLR) 26 to 300,000 RPM Metric version is Model 205M

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"Accurate Analysis, Diagnostic Evaluations, Corrections on All Types of Machinery" Vibrations, Noise, Dynamic Balance, Performance, Laser Shaft & Drive Alignment, Electro‑Mechanical Repairs,
VIBES‑GUARD PdM PROGRAM™ Monitoring Contracts, Due Diligence Verification Studies.
Agents / Specialists: Industrial & Commercial Fans, Pumps, Rotors, Blowers, Cooling Towers, Motors & Drives.


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VIBES Corp accepts: EFT, VISA, Mastercard, Discovery, Debit & SWIFT


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