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Introduction to VIBES Corp®

Why work with us? Serving Canadian Industry for over 50 Years.

VIBES Corp's reputation was built and established on thousands of promises fulfilled over 50 years in business across Canada. Superior quality service, sales and training courses provided on the intelligent specialist level has been the standard and always will be since our vibration and balancing business was formed in Calgary, AB, in 1982. (Formerly Industrial Balancing Ltd. Est. 1967) In the final real-time analysis VIBES Corp will deliver more value and peace of mind.

What do we do? Expert technical services and preventative maintenance programs using advanced instruments and tools to solve various vibration, balance and mechanical noise related problems.

Factory trained and repair specialists on HVAC, fans, blowers, cooling towers, pumps, motors, industrial rotors. FlaktWoods Varofoils and Aerofoils, Sheldons Axico, Aerovent, Novenco, New York Blower, Chicago Blower, Canadian/Buffalo Blower, CML Northern Blower, Joy Axivane, Twin City, Alphair, Allied Blower, Markhot Varivane, Loren Cook, BAC, Evapco, Marley, Hoffman, Spencer, Baldor, Reliance, Trane, Carrier, Eng.Air, Haakon, WEG, Leeson, GEC, GE, Emerson, Westinghouse, Toshiba, Siemens, US Electric, Delhi, PennBarry, Armstrong, Westcan, Bell & Gossett, and most types of rotating, diesel engines & reciprocating machinery.

What do we sell, supply, install & service?

  • WEG Electric Motors
  • Canada Support - AZIMA/DLI a FLUKE Reliability Company - Engineered Vibration Solutions & Client Training
  • COOLBLUE - Inductive Absorbers & Chokes = VFD any motor shaft current bearing damage protection
  • DRIVE SYSTEM PARTS: Fans, Bearings, Sheaves, Couplings, Belts, Shafts, Misc.
  • VIBRATION CONTROL, Isolation & thrust spring mounts, monitoring, trending, alarm/trip switch 24/7 machine protection
  • EASY LASER - Portable Laser Alignment tools for all requirements
  • CTM - Cooling Tower (all makes) Parts, Inspections & Repair Services

The machinery under our professional health care program = VIBES-GUARD PdM Program® are treated as if our own. We use proven technologies and methodologies along with our multi-technical and electro-mechanical (VIV, ASD, VPM, CPM, VFD, EIBD, EDM, Shaft Currents, etc.) training, skills, and experiences for total overall analysis and evaluations. When the total analyzed facts about a machine, motor or engine are known we formulate an accurate condition report and recommend the best possible solutions. We work with clients to organize necessary actions in order of urgency or budgets.

Where do we work? (Commercial Towers, Infrastructure Facilities, Industrial Plants, Lumber Processing & Marine Ports, etc.)

Our service area is mainly BC Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. If requested we can service other areas.

Who have we worked with?

VIBES Corp service capabilities have been used and accepted by high-ranking officials in:

  • other service companies
  • manufacturing and processing
  • engineering firms
  • universities
  • colleges
  • hospitals
  • cold storage
  • power plants and dams
  • sewage and water treatment plants
  • government infrastructure facilities
  • oil and gas
  • biogas energy systems
  • transportation and construction
  • commercial towers
  • agricultural
  • mining
  • ski hills
  • marine-terminals and ships
  • asphalt and cement
  • saw mills
  • pulp and paper
  • research and development
  • machining / fabrication
  • chemical plants
  • restaurants
  • skytrain and railway tunnels

VIBES Corp accepts: EFT, VISA, Mastercard, Discovery, Debit & SWIFT

We take due diligence to the highest level on all projects regardless of size or budget.

Learn About Articles

You can download educational articles from the pages below. Here are five:

  1. Learn About Vibration Volume 1: Basic Understanding Of Machinery Vibration
  2. Learn About Vibration Volume 2: Advanced Vibration Analysis
  3. Learn About Electrically Induced Bearing Damage & Shaft Currents
  4. Failure Prevention Of Variable Pitch in Motion Axial Fans and Controllable Pitch In Motion Axial Fans
  5. Learn About Agricultural Machinery Vibration Solutions

The photos below show typical projects that we have completed.

Fig 1. The failure was due to defective bearing.
Fig 2. The stainless steel guard helps prevent moisture contamination in cooling tower fan bearings (a very common problem).
Fig 3. A new fan was installed due to a complete failure of the original.
Fig 4. Shows a 200HP motor and fan repair/replacement.

Elimination of Shaft Currents that were causing consistent motor bearing failures at this site.

VIBES Corp accepts: EFT, VISA, Mastercard, Discovery, Debit & SWIFT

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VIBES Corp accepts: EFT, VISA, Mastercard, Discovery, Debit & SWIFT




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