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Learn About Axial Fans (aka VPM/CPM Fans)
Learn About Vibration, Volume 1: Basic Understanding of Machinery Vibration
Learn About Vibration, Volume 2: Advanced Vibration Analysis
Learn About VPM to VFD Conversion
Learn About Positioner Calibration
Learn About Shaft Currents / EIBD (Electrically Induced Bearing Damage)

Full Catalog of Machinery Condition Testing Instruments and Tools
  - Balmac Vibration Balancers (Field Balancers)
  - Balmac Vibration Meters
    - Balmac Model 230 Vibration Meter
  - Balmac Vibration Switches
  - Balmac Vibration Transmitters and Sensors
Combine Doctor™ International
CoolBlue Inductive Absorbers
  - CoolBlue Inductive Absorbers Case Study
CTM Cooling Tower Maintenance
Condition Monitoring Equipment (and Services)
Laser Shaft Alignment (Easy-Laser)
  - Easy-Laser XT190 Belt Alignment System
  - Easy-Laser E420 Shaft Alignment System
  - Easy-Laser XT440 Shaft Alignment System
  - Easy-Laser XT550 Intrinsically Safe Shaft Alignment System
  - Easy-Laser XT660 Shaft Alignment System
Laser Shaft Alignment (Easy-Laser)
Lau Industrial Fans
Meggitt MAC MachineryMate Handheld Vibration Meters
  - Meggitt MAC200 MachineryMate Handheld Vibration Meter
  - Meggitt MAC800 MachineryMate Handheld Vibration Meter
  - Meggitt MAC MachineryMate Monitoring Kits and Accessories
Metalon Lubrication and Grease
Murphy Vibration Switches
Protective Cases
Spanco Gantry Cranes
Spectrum Instruments
  - Spectrum Instruments Basic Vibration Meters
  - Spectrum Instruments Advanced Vibration Meters
  - Spectrum Instruments IVDT In Transit Data Logger System
  - Spectrum Instruments Machine Vibration Measurement Solutions
  - Spectrum Instruments Partial Discharge Detection Handheld Instruments
  - Spectrum Instruments SI 100 Series Vibration Sensor
  - Spectrum Instruments SI 100st Series Vibration Sensor
  - Spectrum Instruments SI 100t Series Vibration Sensor
  - Spectrum Instruments SI 420 Series Vibration Sensor
  - Spectrum Instruments SI 420s Series Vibration Sensor
  - Spectrum Instruments SI 429 Transmitting Vibration Switch
  - Spectrum Instruments SI 430 Stress Energy Transmitter
  - Spectrum Instruments SI 510 Series Vibration Trip Display Module
  - Spectrum Instruments SI 557 Series Dual Output 4 20 Ma Module
  - Spectrum Instruments SI 580 Series Industrial Enclosure for SI 500 Modules
  - Spectrum Instruments SI AC217 1 Cable
  - Spectrum Instruments WAM Wireless Monitor System
WEG Electrical - Distributor
  - WEG Low Voltage Motors
  - WEG Generators
  - WEG Large Electric Motors and Machines
Wilcoxon Research Accelerometers and Vibration Transmitters
  - Wilcoxon Research Model 780A-IS Intrinsically Safe Certified Accelerometer
  - Wilcoxon Research Model 786A-D2 Class 1 Division 2 Certified Accelerometer
  - Wilcoxon Research Model iT300 User-Configurable Intelligent Vibration Transmitter


"Accurate Analysis, Diagnostic Evaluations, Corrections on All Types of Machinery" Vibrations, Noise, Dynamic Balance, Performance, Laser Shaft & Drive Alignment, Electro‑Mechanical Repairs,
VIBES‑GUARD PdM PROGRAM™ Monitoring Contracts, Due Diligence Verification Studies.
Agents / Specialists: Industrial & Commercial Fans, Pumps, Rotors, Blowers, Cooling Towers, Motors & Drives.


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