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Fan Doctor

Training Courses, Technical Papers and Presentations Offered by VIBES Corp

General Training Courses

In the sales department VIBES Corp represents and offers training courses in technologies and quality products that we use, are industry-trusted and relate to improved machinery, engine, electric motors health and performance, energy savings and preventative maintenance. Examples:

  • Vibration Monitoring and Trending
  • Laser Shaft Alignment
  • Bearing Maintenance and Precision Installation
  • Fan and Motor Maintenance Training
  • Dynamic Balancing Agricultural Machinery ON-SITE

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Update International Inc. – Vibration Training Course – Online & Onsite

  1. Practical Vibration Analysis - Fundamentals level 1
  2. Practical Vibration Analysis - Solutions Level 2
  3. Skills Enhancement Workshop
  4. Phase Analysis - Workshop

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Free Educational Articles / Technical Papers

Learn About Vibration, Volume 1: Basic Understanding of Machinery Vibration
Learn About Vibration, Volume 2: Advanced Vibration Analysis
Learn About Electrically Induced Bearing Damage & Shaft Currents
Learn About Axial Fans (aka VPM/CPM Fans)
Learn About Positioner Calibration


In addition to on-site training courses and technical papers, VIBES Corp does various association/college presentations. To learn more, contact us.

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"Accurate Analysis, Diagnostic Evaluations, Corrections on All Types of Machinery" Vibrations, Noise, Dynamic Balance, Performance, Laser Shaft & Drive Alignment, Electro‑Mechanical Repairs, VIBES‑GUARD PdM PROGRAM™ Monitoring Contracts, Due Diligence Verification Studies. Agents / Specialists: Industrial & Commercial Fans, Pumps, Rotors, Blowers, Cooling Towers, Motors & Drives.


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